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Is Your Secret Relationship
With Fear Affecting Your Leadership?

As a Christian woman who leads, you bring a unique perspective to ministry, non-profit or small business, but not if fear is holding you back.

My FREE Guide to UNCOVERING YOUR IDEAL LEADERSHIP will guide you through the questions you need to ask to assess the confidence, credibility, and courage of your leadership.

Are you ready to address your relationship with fear and take your leadership to the next level?

    Featured on Podcasts

    Elevating Women in Ministry

    I am so excited to share with you that this week, I’m the featured guest on The Inside Story Podcast with April Adams Pertuis. In this episode, I share with April why I joined the LIGHTbeamers Author Program, and what it feels like to share my story.

    The Full Blown Identity Crisis

    Ready to get courageous with a couple of mid-life entrepreneurs? On today’s episode of The Think Courageously Podcast, I am interviewing Becky Burroughs. As a fellow iPEC coach, Becky and I share a powerful conversation about our later in life experiences around personal transformation. 

    During our conversation, we talk about:
    • Our shared grief journey
    • The difference between courage and bravery
    • How fear lives in the corners of our comfort zone
    • How to get over being Adventure Deprived
    • And the meaning of a powerful Danish word…Hygge

    Becky shares some great tips on
    • Intentionally practicing gratitude
    • Celebrating everything
    • And changing our narratives on limiting beliefs

    We also chat about our experience as new authors in the “Elevating Women’s Voices” book that will be released in April. 

    When Life Happens God Can Use Your Story

    In this episode, you will hear a beautiful reflection on how God can use our trials as invitations to lean on him. You will be inspired, encouraged & motivated by Becky’s story.  Becky wears many hats – currently she is an Outreach Minister, Life/Leadership Coach to women in ministry as a vocation or volunteer, as well as to women who lead non-profits or small business. 

    When Life Happens God Can Use Your Story

    Hear Becky introduce herself on Anna Boyd’s podcast Moved By Grace. She shares her story and how she uses a God-given identity approach to effectively guide women through life transitions and ultimately to a more purpose-driven life. 

    Featured on Live

    The Matt Hilton Show

    Finding Yourself


    What it is like to be a Woman in Ministry

     I was honored with the opportunity to speak at Highland Oaks on what it is like being a woman in ministry.


    What is the Leadership Bootcamp?