New Book by Becky Burroughs
Come Back Home to You

Whether expected or unexpected, a life transition can knock you off your feet. Even planned changes, such as moving to a new city, are hard—but changes you didn’t ask for, such as divorce or loss of a loved one? Those can be devastating.


Like many women, Becky Burroughs loved her husband, enjoyed being a mom, and had a successful career. Then, within a few years, her parents died, her position was eliminated, and her husband left their forty-year marriage. Her children were already grown, and she was alone for the first time in her life.


Shattered by grief and unable to shake her fears, she realized that she’d immersed herself so deeply in her various roles as daughter, wife, mother, and professional that she no longer knew who she was without them.


But changes don’t have to be paralyzing. In Come Back Home to You, Becky draws on her personal experience and conversations with dozens of women, as well as her expertise as a life coach, to help you navigate your own life changes, anchored in your true identity as created by God.


You’ll learn about the importance of mindset, how to deal with fear, how to intentionally incorporate joy into your life, and much more. Each section ends with questions for reflection to help you honor your experience, redefine who you are, and design your next life chapter.


Becky Burroughs is a professional life and leadership coach for Christian women whose mission is to encourage and empower women to love themselves as God loves them: unconditionally. Her essay “Embrace Healing Adventures” appeared in Elevate Your Voice, published in 2022. She lives in Dallas, Texas.